Creating a link that includes parameters for every single value for going Detail BI Report about the record.

Hi Dear All,

I want to explain this subject that seems small and unimportant. But not. Too much information in a report can confuse our mind and it’s not necessary some values…


Hi Dear All, we are talking about an alternative way to send FYI instead of Bursting. Actually, this way is the default way to send FYI. Because the system can send FYI almost after every action with some arrangements.

The business side wanted the system to send Purchase Order…

Hi Dear All,

I’m here after a long time, I couldn’t write because I was so busy actually I am still :) but I need to continue writing articles like these with determination for my development and you. So here we go.

Today’s topic is refreshing parameters in OTBI reports…

In this article, I try to explain How to use Parameter for reports and some tricks (Multiple Parameter Value) about the all searching values.

Yeap ! Our series keep going too fast. We started complicated issue but it’s necessary. …

My second article is about editing notification in Oracle Fusion. System sends approval notification for many modules for hcm, finance, especially for procurement. Approver wants additional information about form. Before, you can add value with using sql basically, you must do something for editing.

Firstly, you must know where you…

Hi everyone, I try to explain this process to understand clearly and easily. I hope, this article will be helpfull.

Firstly, you need to create data model for values to use in document you will send. Data Model consists of many components like Datasets, Trigger, Bursting. In this section, it…

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